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Updated January 14, 2007



Welcome to the home page for our ship, the USS Barney. This website is dedicated to the ship, and to the officers and men who served their country aboard her.  

The USS Barney was one of the first of a new line of destroyer, the Charles F. Adams class- the first class of ship built from the keel up to be a missile destroyer-  and she was a formidable weapon.  The Barney carried two 5 guns, A twin missile launcher, ASROC and acoustic homing torpedoes. All things considered it was a very potent weapons platform.  Capable of 30+ knots, she had the ability to be anywhere in the world in a matter of days.

The Barney served her country from her participation in the blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 60s until just before the outbreak of Operation Desert Storm.  This included serving with distinction in Vietnam.

Welcome aboard!  If you served on the Barney between 1962 and 1990, wed appreciate it if you would register, so we can keep you informed of reunions and special events.

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