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Updated January 14, 2007

Molders (D-186)

This is one of three Adams class DDGs that were built for Germany.  It is now a museum.  Bob Fox visited the ship in September 2005, and provided us with these photos.

Capitan.history Molders.1 Moulders W.Moulders Werner aft.chief.qtrs aft.chief.qtrs.2
aft.chief.qtrs.3 aft.chief.qtrs.4 aft.chief.qtrs.5 aft.chief.qtrs.6 aft.crew aft.crew.1 aft.crew.2
aft.crew.3 aft.crew.4 aft.crew.5 aft.crew.6 aft.crew.7 aft.directors aft.head
aft.head.2 aft.lounge aft.port asroc asroc.launch
asroc.launch.2 asroc.launch.3 asroc.launch.4 asroc.launch.5 asroc.launch.6 asroc.window bow
bow.2 bow.3 bridge bridge.10 bridge.11 bridge.12 bridge.13
bridge.2 bridge.3 bridge.4 bridge.5 bridge.6 bridge.7 bridge.8
bridge.9 capitain.plaque.2 chiefs.galley chiefs.head
     cic.1 cic.10 cic.11 cic.12
cic.15 cic.16 cic.17 cic.18 cic.19 cic.2 cic.20
cic.21 cic.22 cic.23 cic.24 cic.26 cic.27 cic.28
cic.29 cic.3 cic.30 cic.31 cic.32 cic.4 cic.5
cic.6 cic.7 cic.8 cic.9 cic.pass.way cic.pass.way.2 cic.pass.way.3
cpo.galley cpo.mess cpo.mess.2 eng.1 eng.2 eng.3 eng.4
eng.5 eng.6 eng.7 eng.8
     fwd.crew fwd.crew.2 fwd.crew.3 fwd.crew.4 fwd.crew.5 hatch to OI.div
hatch.2 ladder.down.cic laundry laundry.1 machine.1 machine.2 machine.3
machine.4 machine.5 machine.6 machine.willie magazine.load mess.deck.1 mess.deck.2
mess.deck.3 mess.deck.4 mess.deck.5 mess.deck.6 missle.launcher namesake.plaque office
office.2 office.3 officer.sign passageway plaque.1 plaque.2
port.aft port.bow port.bow.2 port.side port.side.2 port.side.3 port.side.4
radars radio.1 radio.2 radio.3 ship
     sick.bay sick.bay.2 sick.bay.3 sick.bay.4 sonar.1 sonar.10
sonar.2 sonar.3 sonar.4 sonar.5 sonar.6 sonar.7 sonar.8
sonar.9 sonar.area sonar.decoy starboard.aft starboard.bow starboard.bow.2 stateroom.1
stateroom.2 stateroom.3 stateroom.4 stateroom.5 stateroom.6 stateroom.7 stateroom.8
stateroom.9 stern wardroom. wardroom.2 wardroom.3 wardroom.galley wheel
willie willie.2 willie.sonja