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Updated January 14, 2007

Commanding Officer                              Dates Of Command

Cdr. J. J. Doak, Jr.                                                  8/11/1962  12/11/1963
Cdr. K. V. Johnson                                                12/11/1963  7/24/1965
Cdr. J. D. Faull                                                        7/24/1965  2/16/1966
LCdr. O. C. Chisum                                                2/16/1966  6/18/1966
Cdr. G. G. Bailey                                                    6/18/1966  7/26/1968
Cdr. A. D. Branch                                                   7/26/1968  12/3/1969
Cdr. Allen Smith III                                                 12/3/1969  5/20/1971
Cdr. Siras D. Browning                                            5/20/1971  8/25/1972
Cdr. Peter S. Corr, Jr.                                              8/25/1972  3/1/1974
Cdr. Kenneth F. Robinson                                         3/1/1974  12/19/1975
Cdr. Wayne E. Hagan                                             12/19/1975   1/13/1978
Cdr. Thomas M. Mc Nicholas, Jr.                            1/13/1978  10/27/1980
Cdr. William T. Shiffer, Jr.                                     10/27/1980  11/18/1982
Cdr. Grant D. Fulkerson                                         11/18/1982   5/18/1985
Cdr. Neil M. Brennan                                                5/18/1985    6/6/1987
Cdr. Francis J. Mc Caffery                                          6/6/1987  8/18/1989
Cdr. Johnnie F. Nemec                                              8/18/1989 12/17/1990


In order of command.  Not all are present yet.  If you have bios on these men, or pictures, let us know.  If you ARE these men and would like to contribute those items, all the better!

COMMANDING OFFICER 11 August 1962 - 11 December 1963 

Commander Joseph J. Doak Jr., USN, was born on 30 January 1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he attended Public Schools and Saint Joseph’s College. He is a graduate 
of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Upon graduation from the Naval Academy in June 1944, he was assigned to the USS QUINCY (CA-71) and served in her throughout the remainder of World War II. 

Following the war, Commander Doak served in a variety of sea and shore assignments. 
In July 1951, he was ordered to USS HEALY (DD672) for the first of several tours of duty in various billets in destroyers, including Gunnery Officer of HEALY, and Executive Officer of
USS BORDELON (DDR-881) and commanding officer of USS VAN VOORHIS (DE-1028)
and USS DOUGLAS H. FOX (DD-779. His shore assignments had been as an instructor at
the Naval Academy and at Tufts University.

On the 11th of August 1962, at the moment of breaking her commissioning pennant, USS BARNEY (DDG-6) became the responsibility of her first commanding officer - Commander
Joseph J. Doak, Jr. On 11 December 1963 at La Spezia, Italy, he was relieved as Commanding Officer by Commander Keith V. Johnson. 

COMMANDING OFFICER 11 December 1963 - 23 July 1965 

Commander Keith V. Johnson, USN, was born on 12 December 1923 in Fremont, Nebraska.
He was commissioned ensign, USNR upon graduation from the Reserve Midshipmen School at the University of Northwestern in 1944. His first tour of duty was as Gunnery Officer aboard the USS LST-1073. In 1946, he received his commission in the regular Navy. Following this, Commander Johnson served in a variety of sea billets; aboard USS BOXER (CV-21) and 
USS BRADFORD (DD-945) in Gunnery and Operations Departments; as Executive Officer of USS ROBINSON (DD562) and as Commanding Officer of USS CHARLES E. BRANNON

Commander Johnson’s shore duty assignments included duty as Assistant Attaché in the US Embassies in London, England and Stockholm, Sweden, as well as a tour on the staff of the Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet. In 1959he attended the Armed Forces Staff College.

Prior to his assignment to BARNEY, Commander Johnson was the Operations Officer aboard 
USS ALBANY (CG-10). He became BARNEY's second commanding Officer at La Spezia,
Italy , on 11 December 1963, while the ship was on her first deployment with the Sixth Fleet.

Cdr. J. D. Faul

COMMANDING OFFICER 24 July 1965 - 16 Feb 1966 

Commander George C. Bailey 

Commanding Officer 18 June 1966 - 26 July 1968

Commander George G. Bailey joined the Navy in 1943 and was commissioned as Ensign from the Naval Reserve Officer’s Training Corp, Tufts College at Medford, Massachusetts in March 1946.  After commissioning, Commander Bailey was ordered to his first tour of duty on the USS Topeka (CL 67) where he served as Gunnery and Navigation Division Officers.

 During the Korean conflict he was assigned duties as Gunnery Division Officer aboard the USS Sicily (CVE 118) and spent a year at Guided Missile School in Fort Bliss, Texas.  In 1955, Commander Bailey reported aboard the USS Toledo (CA 133) as Guided Missile Officer.  He left the Toledo in 1957 and became an Instructor at the U. S. Naval Line School.  Teaching only lasted a year, however,  for Commander Bailey was selected for U. S. Naval Postgraduate School in 1958.

He graduated in 1960 with a masters degree in Electrical Engineering.  His next set of orders took him back to sea again as Executive Officer of the USS Harlan R. Dickson (DD 708).  Following two years of duty on board Dickson, Commander Bailey reported to the USS Preserver (ARS 8) in 1962 as Commanding Officer.  With his extensive guided missile and engineering background, he was well qualified for his last billet which he held before reporting to the Barney, Chairman of the Systems Engineering Committee and Instructor in the Weapons Department, U. S. Naval Academy, from 1963 until 1966.

 Commander Bailey is married to the former Joanne Smith of Berkeley, California.  They have three children, Sherry,. Kent, and George, and reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Commander A. Deon Branch

Commanding Officer 26 July 1968 - 3 December 1969

 Commander A. Deon Branch, United States Navy, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, was commissioned from the United States Navy Academy in 1951.  Since then he has served as Gunnery Officer, USS Miller (DD-535), Main Battery Officer, USS Iowa (BB-61), Executive Officer, USS Hazelwood (DD-531).  He has commanded USS San Jacquin County (LST-1122), USS Sussex (AK-213), and USS Cromwell (DE-1014).  Commander Branch has also served as Flag Lieutenant to Commander Service Force, Atlantic Fleet and as Operations Officer to Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla Two.

 In 1963, he received a Master of Science degree in Operations Analysis from the U. S. Naval Post Graduate School. Since the summer of 1966, he has been assigned to the Office of Program Appraisal which functions in direct support of the Secretary of the Navy. 

Commander Branch relieved Commander G. G. Bailey on 26 July 1968 and assumed command of the Barney.

Commander Allen Smith, III   

Commanding Officer 3 December 1969 - 20 May 1971

Commander Allen Smith, III was born in Pensacola, Florida, and graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1954.  He reported to the Barney from duty as Executive Officer of the USS Biddle (DLG 34).  He has previously served in the destroyers Damato and Robert K. Huntington and has commanded the Ocean Minesweeper Affray

Other assignments include duty at the Fleet Training Center at Norfolk, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the Strategic Plans and Policy Division in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.  Commander Smith is a graduate of the Command and Staff Course at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. 

Married to the former Donna Rae James of Indianapolis, Indiana, Commander Smith has three daughters, Dee Ann, Dixie and Ashley, and twin sons, Allen IV and James.

He assumed command of Barney on 3 December 1969.

Commander Siras D. Browning

Commanding Officer 20 May 1971 - 25 August 1972

 Commander Siras D. Browning received his introduction to destroyers while a Storekeeper Seaman.  It was after serving on board the USS Ozbourn (DD 846) that he entered the University of Texas where he received his commission upon graduation. 

Barney is the third ship to have him in command.  The USS Hammerberg (DE 1015) and the USS Mitscher (DDG 35) have also had this distinction. 

He and his wife Marjorie and their two daughters, Helen and Mary, live in Virginia Beach where gardening, woodworking and, whenever there is enough time, oil painting helps him to relax from the pressures of the day.


Commander Peter S. Corr, Jr.  

Commanding Officer 25 August 1972 - 1 March 1974

 Commander Peter S. Corr, Jr. was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958.  He is a native of Providence, Rhode Island.  Upon graduation he was introduced to destroyers by serving as Communications, CIC and Operations Officer of USS Charles R. Ware (DD 865).  Later he served as CIC Officer of the USS Dahlgren (DLG 12) and as Executive Officer of the Claude V. Ricketts (DDG 5).  He has been Commanding Officer of the USS Kingbird (MSC 194).

 Tours of shore duty have included participation in the Nuclear Power Training Program and service in Washington, D.C. in the Bureau of Naval Personnel and as Personal Aide to the Chief of Naval Material.  He has attended the Armed Forces Staff College and he received a Master of Business Administration Degree from Harvard University.

 Commander Corr’s record is one of high achievement.  The performance of the Barney in STANAVFORLANT is in keeping with that record.

Cdr. Wayne E. Hagan

COMMANDING OFFICER 19 December 1975 - 13 January 1978   

Commander Wayne E. Hagan graduated from Quincy College in 1955.  After attending graduate school at University of Mississippi, he entered Officer Canidate School, Newport, Rhode Island; graduating with the Class 39 in October 1958.  Upon being commissioned he reported to the USS San Joaquin County (LST-1122) and served as Damage Control Assistant, Communications and Operations Officer.  Commander Hagan left active duty in December 1961 to attend graduate school at St. Louis University, after which he returned to duty and augmented to Regular Navy in February 1963. 

After attending a four-month Combat Information Center course at Glynco, Georgia, Commander Hagan reported to USS Mullany (DD-528) as Operations Officer.  His next billet was Communications Officer on Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla ELEVEN Staff where he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal. 

He attended U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and graduated from the Staff Communications curriculum in 1969.  After graduating, Commander Hagan served as Executive Officer of USS Hawkins (DD-873) from September 1969 to March 1971 during which time the ship was assigned to the NATO Standing Naval Force.  He reported to Commander Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-TWO in March 1971 and served as Chief Staff Officer until September 1972 and then moved to Washington, DC for duty in the Defense Communications Agency as a project Manager in the Facilities Acquisition Branch. 

Just prior to his present assignment, Commander Hagan served as Executive Officer of USS Biddle (CG-34).  He is designated a proven sub specialist in communications. 

Commander Hagan is married to the former Margaret Koch of Cairo, Illinois and they have three children: Mark, Shawn and Kathleen. 

Commander T. M. Mc Nicholas, Jr.  

Commanding Officer 13 January 1978 - 27 October 1980

Commander Thomas M. Mc Nicholas, Jr. was born in Nashville, Tennessee.  He was commissioned in 1961 upon graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy.  After his initial tour as Damage Control Assistant aboard USS Allen M. Sumner,  Commander Mc Nicholas attended the U.S. Naval Destroyer School in Newport, Rhode Island, and was then assigned as Chief Engineer aboard USS Jonas Ingram until May 1965.

 From June 1965 until June 1966, Commander Mc Nicholas attended graduate school at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute where he earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management.  He then served as an instructor on the Leadership and Management Committee at Annapolis until August 1969 when he assumed command of the Ocean Minesweeper USS Direct.

 From August 1971 until June 1972, Commander Mc Nicholas attended the Command and Staff Course of the U. S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.  From June 1972 until June 1975 he served in the Bureau of Naval Personnel as head of the Officer Recall and Release Branch and of the Temporary Additional Duty Orders Branch.  In September 1975 he reported to USS William H. Standley as Executive Officer where   he served until November 1977.  Commander Mc Nicholas relieved Commander W. E. Hagan during change of command ceremonies aboard USS Barney on 13 January 1978.

More information on Thomas Mc Nicholas, Jr. can be found here.

Commander W. T. Shiffer, Jr. USN

Commanding Officer 27 October 1980 - 18 November 1982

Commander William T. Shiffer, Jr., U.S. Navy, was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He attended Elmhurst College and is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University. Commander Shiffer enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve in 1962. He attended Officer Candidate School, Newport Rhode Island and was commissioned Ensign, United States Naval Reserve in 1964. He augmented to the United States Navy in 1966.

Commander Shiffer has served primarily in Destroyer Type Ships. His initial sea assignment was as Communications Officer in USS Somers (DD-845). He subsequently served in the commissioning crew of USS VOGE (FF-1047) and in USS BAUSELL. Shiffer Commissioned USS SURPRISE (PG-97) as Commanding Officer and served as Executive Officer in USS CAPODANO (FF-1093).

His assignments ashore include Financial Manager, Combat Systems Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations; Administrative Assistant and Aide to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Surface Warfare); Director of Management Systems in the Recruiting Advertising Department, Navy Recruiting Command; and Assistant Surface Commander Assignment Officer, Naval Military Personnel Command.

Commander Shiffer is a graduate of the Naval Destroyer School, the Armed Forces Staff College, and the Senior Officer Material Readiness Course. Personal Awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V” (second award) and the Navy Achievement Medal. He assumed command of USS BARNEY (DDG-6) on 27 October 1980.

Cdr. Grant D. Fulkerson

COMMANDING OFFICER 18 November 1982- 18 May 1985

     Captain Fulkerson graduated from the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned an Ensign in 1964.  His first assignment was on USS GRIDLEY (DLG 21). After graduation from the U.S. Naval Destroyer School in March 1967, he reported aboard the USS BEATTY (DD756) as Weapons Officer.  His next tour was with the Fleet Command Unit of the U.S. Military Advisory Group Vietnam, where he served as an advisor onboard the Vietnamese river gun boat, LSSL-229.

            Captain Fulkerson received a Master of Science Degree in Personnel Administration from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Captain Fulkerson was assigned as an instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy in the Naval Weapons and Systems Engineering Department (1971-1974).  Following a tour as Combat Systems Officer in USS BAINBRIDGE (CG 25) from 1975 to 1977, he assumed duties as Executive Officer, USS HULL (DD-945).  In 1979, Captain Fulkerson was assigned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OP‑11) as the Head of the Military Manpower/Hardware Procurement (HARDMAN) Program.

     In November 1982, Captain Fulkerson assumed command of USS BARNEY (DDG 6).  During his tour in BARNEY, the ship completed a successful overhaul, numerous underway training periods including two Caribbean cruises and a deployment to the Persian Gulf.  Captain Fulkerson completed a 30 month tour on BARNEY in May 1985.

Captain Fulkerson was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, Newport, RI.  In 1986 he was assigned as the Operations Officer for CCDG-8 in Norfolk, VA.

In October 1988 Captain Fulkerson assumed command of the Guided Missile Cruiser, USS BIDDLE (CG-34). Following a 2 year tour on BIDDLE, he reported to the Joint Staff as Deputy Director for the Manpower and Personnel Directorate.  Captain Fulkerson served for a year on the Navy Presentation Team before retiring in June 1994.

                Captain and Mrs. Fulkerson, the former Ann Gillen of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, have two sons, Michael and David. Ann and Grant currently reside in Burke, Virginia.

Cdr. Neil M. Brennan

COMMANDING OFFICER 18 May 1985- 6 June 1987

Neil M. Brennan is a native of Annapolis, Maryland.  He attended the U. S. Naval Academy and was graduated in 1966 with a degree in Naval Science and was commissioned Ensign, USN. 

After completing Nuclear Power Training, he served on board USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) from 1968 to 1970 as Auxiliaries Officer and later as Damage Control Assistant.  After completing the Department Head Course at the Naval Destroyer School, he served in USS Rich (DD 820) as Weapons Officer in 1971 and 1972.  In August, 1972 he reported for duty at the Naval Academy as the Fourth Company Officer.  He then returned to sea duty in October of 1975 as Electrical Officer in USS Long Beach (CGN 9). 

Commander Brennan served on the staff, Commander Naval Air Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet, from January, 1978 to July, 1979 as a member of the Nuclear Propulsion Mobile Training Team and as Maintenance Manager for USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

He served as Executive Officer on board USS California (CGN 36) from November, 1979 to May, 1982.  He then reported for duty at the Naval Military Personnel Command as head, Surface Nuclear Power Officer Branch and Surface Nuclear Power Program Manager. 

He assumed command of USS Barney (DDG 6) on May 18, 1985.

Francis J. McCaffery, Captain USN (RET)

Commanding Officer 6 June1987 - 18 August 1989

Then Commander Francis J. McCaffery USN was born in Mineola New York.  He graduated from Marquette University in 1968 and was commissioned via the ROTC (contract) program.

Sea Tours included Gunnery Officer aboard USS LYMAN K. SWENSON (DD-729); Air Missile Officer aboard USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (CVA-42); Weapons Officer aboard USS BORDELON (DD881); Operations Officer aboard USS DAHLGREN (DDG 43); and Executive Officer aboard USS CLAUDE V. RICKETTS (DDG-5).

Shore assignments included US Naval Destroyer School as a student (class 35); Defense Intelligence School; Assistant Head and later Head of Department of Naval Science at the US Merchant Marine Academy. During this tour he earned a MS in Political Science and International Law from St. Johns University. Integrated Tactical Systems Department Head at Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic; and Senior Air Warfare Instructor at Tactical Training Group, Atlantic.

As a Lieutenant, Captain McCaffery commanded USS Chewaucan (AOG-50) and later Commanded Fleet Training Unit, Atlantic prior to assuming command of BARNEY.  Subsequent Command tours included Commander US Military Assistance Group Philippines and Commanding Officer Fleet Training Center, Norfolk Virginia.

For his service, he was awarded the Legion of Merit, Joint Meritorious Commendation Medal; Meritorious Service Medal (2 Gold Stars); Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V (2 Gold Stars) and numerous unit, campaign and service awards.

Commander Johnnie F. Nemec

COMMANDING OFFICER 18 Aug 1989- 17 Dec 1990 

Commander Johnnie F. Nemec was born in Taylor, Texas on 10 February 1949.  After attending parochial grammar school, and public high school in Jarrell, Texas, he graduated from Southwestern University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics in 1972.  Following graduation, Commander Nemec attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an Ensign in 1972.

His first sea duty assignment included duties as Communications Watch Officer and CMS Custodian on the staff of Commander, FIRST/THIRD Fleet.  He then served as Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer in USS RATHBURNE (FF-1057).  Following six months of surface warfare department head school in Newport, Rhode Island, Commander Nemec served as Engineering Officer aboard USS SAMPSON (DDG-10) from October 1976 through July 1978.  In August 1978 he reported to USS SURIBACHI (AE-21) to serve as Navigator and First Lieutenant until June 1980.

Following a short tour as the Surface Initial Assignment Officer at Naval Military Personnel Command in Washington, DC, he returned to sea as Executive Officer of USS HARRY W. HILL (DD-440) in December 1982.  Commander Nemec commanded USS EXPLOIT (MSO-440)from December 1984 to April 1987.  Subsequently, he serves as instructor at the Surface Warfare Officers School in Newport, RI as an instructor at the in the PCO/PXO Training Department.  Commander Nemec holds the following decorations: Meritorious Service Medal (with two gold stars), Battle Efficiency Award (four awards) and the National Defense Medal.

Commander Nemec is married to the former Alicia M. Favata of Bronx, New York.