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Updated January 14, 2007


Our group is maintaining a roster of several hundred officers and men who served on the USS Barney DDG-6 between 1962 and 1990.  If you would like to be added to our group and participate, please complete all the information asked for below, and e-mail it to: John Van Dusen, .

1.  Your name, home address and home telephone number.  Work telephone number optional.

2.  Rate and highest rank achieved while ABOARD Barney? If officer your billet.

3.  Month and year you  reported aboard, month and year you departed Barney.  Guess if you are not positive about the month.

4.  Wife's first name if married.

5  Your e-mail address

6  If you are retired, please indicate so and what your  rank was at retirement..  

7  Please visit the Association page for information on membership requirements for the group.

 *IMPORTANT*:  Do not send partial or incomplete information. We canít add you to our roster unless we have all of the above information.