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Updated January 14, 2007

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Golf Shirts

Many of you have expressed an interest in additional personalized Barney items. The one element of clothing that was mentioned most often was golf shirts. Below are photo’s of two available styles of Barney golf shirt. It's Munsingwear, 100% ring spun combed cotton. Even though it's a dark color, it will breathe on you! It is NOT made in China. The 3” round embroidered Barney logo style shirt is $5 more than the text and ship’s silhouette style shirt. We will not be ordering anymore shirts as a group, however, if you or someone in your family has Internet service, you can order either shirt on-line at:

You cannot order the Barney logo style shirt on-line. For that call Mr. Chuck Packer at (972) 987-5824. You’ll have to order directly from him for this special style shirt. If you don’t have Internet access call Mr. Packer directly to place your order.

John Van Dusen