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Updated January 14, 2007


USS BARNEY DDG-6 History and Timeline 

The Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyers were constructed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  The Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyers were a new class of ship, based upon the Forrest Sherman class DD.  The original designation for USS Barney was DD-956.  This was changed on April 23, 1957 to DDG-6 when it was decided to build her as a guided missile destroyer.  The following specifications are “as built”.


   Displacement:              4,526 Tons (Full)

      Dimensions:             437’ (oa) X 47’ X 15’ (Max)

               Draft:              26 feet

             Height:              135 feet from waterline to highest point.

       Armament:             Two 5”/54 Mk. 42 RF guns

                                    Tartar SAM (RIM-66A/B/E) missiles in Mk. 11 launcher

                                    ASROC ASW (RUR-5A) 8 missiles in one Mk. 16 launcher

                                    6 x 12.75” Mk 32 ASW Torpedo Tubes (2x3)


   Fire Control:             One Mk. 4 or Mk. 13 weapons director system SPG-53A radar,

                                    or Mk. 86 with SPG-60 and SPQ-9A

                                    two Mk. 74 missile fire control system

                                    one Mk. 111 ASW fire control


Surveillance Radar:      SPS-10F or SPS-10D surface search

                                   SPS-40B/D air search

                                   SPS-52 surface search


              Sonar:          SQS-23A or SQQ-23A PAIR

       Propulsion:          Two General Electric Geared Turbines 35,000 SHP each, 2 screws

                                 Four Foster Wheeler 1,200-psi steam boilers

                                 Speed 33 knots

                                 Range 4,500 NM @ 20 knots

               Crew:        340 (20 officers and 320 enlisted)


Laid down by New York Shipbuilding on August 10. 1959

Launched December 10, 1960

Commissioned August 11, 1962

Decommissioned December 17, 1990



Meritorious Unit Commendation (with 1 Bronze Star) 8 Mar. 67 – 20 Aug. 67

Meritorious Unit Citation 7 July 70 –15 Dec. 70

Battle “E” Award 10 Oct. 79 – 30 Sep. 80

Naval Expeditionary Medal 22 Dec. 80 – 7 Mar. 81

National Defense Service Medal

United Nations Service Medal (2 awards)

Republic of V.N. Meritorious Unit Commendation (gallantry cross w/palm) 10 Mar. 67 – 2 Jun. 67

Combat Action Ribbon


Deployment Schedule


Date                        Deployment

Aug. 11, 1962 USS Barney DDG-6 commissioned in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.
Aug. 62 – Sep. 62 Outfitting period.  Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.
Sep. 62 – Nov. 62 Pre- shakedown qualification tests.  Virginia Capes area.
Nov. 62 – Dec. 62 Tartar missile firing tests off Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.
Jan. 63 – Feb. 63 Shakedown cruise.  Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.  Assigned as unit in Cuban Missile Quarantine.
Feb. 63 Tartar missile firing tests off Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.
Mar. 63 – May 63 Post shakedown overhaul.  Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.
Jun. 63 – Oct. 63 Preparation for Sixth Fleet Mediterranean deployment.
Oct. 63 – Mar. 64 Mediterranean Deployment.  Golfo di Palmas, Sardinia; Cagliari, Sardinia; Augusta Bay, Sicily; Palermo, Sicily; Livorni, Italy; Naples, Italy; La Spezia, Italy; Golfe Juan, French Riviera; Valencia, Spain; Toulon, France; Palma, Majorca; Gibraltar.
Mar. 64 – Sep. 64 ASW Type Training Atlantic Coast.
Sep. 64 – Oct. 64 Participated in NATO exercises; Masterstroke and Teamwork.
Sep. 12, 1964 Crossed Artic Circle as a unit in CV Strike Force during Amphibious exercise Steel Spike 1.
Sep. 64 - Jan. 65 North Atlantic Deployment.  Antwerp, Belgium; Brest, France; Lisbon, Portugal.
Feb. 65 – July 65 Mediterranean Deployment. Palermo, Italy; Catania, Sicily; Valetta, Malta; Toronto, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; Naples, Italy; Marseille, France; Bandol, France; La Spezia, Italy; Rota, Spain.  Joint US-French exercise Fairgame III.
July 65 – Jan. 66 Blue/Gold Operations with Second Fleet units.
Jan. 66 School ship for the Fleet Sonar School. Key West, FL.
Mar. 66 – Sep. 66 First regular overhaul. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
Sep. 66 – Oct. 66 Ship’s qualification tests and missile firings.
Nov. 66 – Dec. 66 Refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Dec. 66 – Feb. 67 Holiday upkeep and Second Fleet operations.
Feb. 67 – Sep. 67 WestPac / Vietnam Deployment Guantanemo Bay, Cuba; Panama Canal; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Subic Bay, Philippines; Midway Island; Guam; Tonkin Golf, Vietnam;  Hong Kong; Da Nang; Okinawa, Japan; Yokuska, Japan; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; San Francisco, California; Acapulco, Mexico.  US Seventh Fleet Sea Dragon Operations off North Vietnam.
Mar. 68 – July 68 Mediterranean Deployment. Italy; Spain; Athens, Greece; Valetta, Malta; Oslo, Norway; the Azores and Catania, Sicily (where Gina Lollobrigida visited the ship)
Jan. 69 - Mar. 69 Winter exercises in West Indian waters, and ASW exercises off the coast of Florida.  Type and Inter-type training exercises Springboard in west Indian waters.
Apr. 69 – June 69 North Atlantic Deployment.  Lisbon, Portugal; Rota, Spain; Portsmouth, England; Brest, France; Rota, Spain.
June 69 – Oct. 69 Mediterranean Deployment. Gibraltar; Porto Vecchio, Corsica; Naples, Italy; Brindisi, Italy; Valetta, Malta; Athens, Greece; Pollensa Bay, Majorca.
Dec. 69 – June 70 Over-haul Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
June 70 – July 70 Sea trials and shakedown cruise.  Caribbean cruise; San Juan, Roosevelt Roads, St. Croix.  Missile and sonar systems test.
July 70 - Sep. 70 Post-overhaul refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Sep. 70 Atlantic Fleet Exercise Rimex 1-71
Sep. 22, 1970 Return to Norfolk. Dock D & S Piers at 2:30 AM
Sep. 23, 1970 Depart Norfolk 30 hours later in response to Jordanian Crisis.
Sep. 70 - Dec. 70 Deployed around Mediterranean.  Soudha Bay, Crete; Athens, Greece; Naples, Italy; Palma, Majorca; Valetta, Malta; Barcelona, Spain; Rota, Spain; Ponta Delgada, Azores.
Dec. 15, 1970 Return to Norfolk. Barney awarded Meritorious Unit Citation.
Jan. 71 – Sep. 71 Efficiency inspections, multi-ship exercises, type training and single ship drills.  Participated in Operation Squeezeplay.
Nov. 71 – Dec. 71 Participated in Rimex 2-72.
Dec. 71 – Jun. 72 Mediterranean; Rota, Spain; Gibraltar; Barcelona; Palma; Golfe Juan French Riviera; Naples; Bizerte, Tunisia; Athens; Soudha Bay, Crete.
Nov. 72 – Apr. 73 Main propulsion plant conversion to Navy distillate fuels.
Apr. 73 – May 73 Refresher training; Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
June 73 – Dec. 73 North Atlantic Deployment with STANAVFORLANT.  Portsmouth, England; Le Havre, France; Antwerp, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Den Helder, Netherlands; Kiel, Germany; Wilhelmshaven, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Frederickshaven, Denmark; Edinburgh, Scotland; Rosyth, Scotland; Newcastle, England.
Apr. 74 – Feb. 75 Complex over-haul. Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.
Mar. 75 – Dec. 75 Post-overhaul refresher training and qualifications, and normal Atlantic Fleet operations.
Jan. 76 – Feb. 76 Refresher training; Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
July 76 – Feb. 77 Mediterranean Deployment. Rota, Spain; Taormina, Sicily; Tunis, Tunisia; Naples, Italy; Augusta Bay, Sicily; Suda Bay, Crete; Palma, Spain; Genoa, Italy; Gaeta, Italy; Toulon, France; Barcelona, Spain; Malaga, Spain; Leixoes, Portugal
Mar. 77 - Apr. 77 Drydock, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, for repair to sonar dome.
Sep. 77 Participated in Computex 6-77.
Mar. 78 – Sep. 78 Middle East Deployment with COMIDEASTFOR. Ponta Delgada, Azores; Rota, Spain; Suez Canal; Persian Gulf.
Sep. 78 – Nov. 79 Over-haul Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
Dec. 79 Post-overhaul refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Jan. 80 – Mar. 80 Weapons system accuracy tests.  Post overhaul refresher training; Guantanemo Bay, Cuba. Caribbean cruise, inspections and training.  East coast operations.
May 80 – Jun. 80 Participated in Operation Sail; Boston, MA.
July 80 – Aug. 80 Participated in Readiness Exercise 2-80.
Sep. 80 – Oct. 80 Participated in Computex 5-80.
Nov. 80 – Apr. 81 Middle East Deployment in support of Iranian Hostage Crisis with Comdesron 36.  Barcelona, Spain; Cartagena, Spain; Djibouti, Bahrain; Tel Aviv, Israel.
Aug. 81 – Oct. 81 Caribbean Deployment. San Juan and Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas and St. Bethalmy, Virgin Islands.
Nov. 15, 1981 First successful firing of a Harpoon Missile from a DDG-2 class ship.
Jan. 82 – Jun. 82 Mediterranean/Indian Ocean Deployment. Valencia, Spain; Marseille and Toulon, France; Mombasa, Kenya Africa; Western Geraldton, Australia.
Aug. 82 – Sep. 82 Pre overhaul preparations, including testing and repair of all boilers.
Mar. 83 – Sep. 83 Modified Repair/Overhaul at Norfolk Naval Shipyards.
Sep. 84 – Nov. 84 Caribbean Deployment. Jamaica; St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Guadalupe; Nassau, Bahamas.
Nov. 84 – Dec. 84 Post-overhaul refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Mar. 85 – Aug. 85 Middle East Deployment
Mar. 86 – Apr. 87 Overhaul, Moon Engineering Shipyard and NORSHIPCO, Norfolk, VA.
May 87 – July 87 Post-overhaul refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Sep. 87 – Mar. 88 Mediterranean Deployment. Participated in NAVOCFORMED 87.  Taranto, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Toulon, France; Haifa, Israel; Alexandria, Egypt; Izmir, Turkey; Sigonella and Naples, Italy; Marseille and Cannes, France;  Palermo, Sicily; Cagliari, Sardinia.
May 88 – Jun. 88 Law Enforcement Operations.  St. Lucia, British West Indies; Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
Jun-88 Refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Oct. 88 – Feb. 89 Bethlehem Shipbuilding, Baltimore.  Over-haul.
Mar. 89 Post-overhaul refresher training. Guantanemo Bay, Cuba.
Oct. 89 – Apr. 90 Mediterranean Deployment. Rota, Spain; Palma, Majorca; Naples, Italy; Cavalaire, France;  Haifa, Israel; Catania, Naples and Augusta Bay, Italy; Toulon, France; Yunis, Tunisia; La Spezia and Naples, Italy; Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia; Rota, Spain.
May 90 – July 90 Law Enforcement Operations.  Georgetown, Cayman Islands; Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; Bridgetown, Barbados.
Dec. 12, 1990 USS Barney DDG-6 is decommissioned.